UGC guidelines are anti-student and anti-poor

UGC guidelines are anti-student and anti-poor

India is standing at the 3rd position in terms of the number of corona cases. In the wake of increasing Covid19 Cases, throughout the country, various state boards like CBSE, ICSE, HBSE, ISC have canceled the exams. This step was made to ensure the safety of the students. That was a quite legit decision. The state and Central universities have also canceled exams for semesters except for the final year semesters



UGC brings a fresh set of Guidelines for University exams

In a recent guideline, UGC has asked the University and Colleges to conduct the final semester and other semester exams. According to them, these college exams may be conducted in September. Also, there will be Special provision for all those students who have missed their final term exams. Media reports cite that they will be having special exams by their colleges whenever the conditions will improve.


UGC also said that exams for final-year students with backlogs will be conducted either online, offline, or in a blended model of online and offline. This came out as a serious shock to all the students who were demanding the cancellation of their college exams. This action is completely unjustified and that can be seen as a social media protest trending on twitter.


Students calling it a “Cruel Joke”

The daily cases of the covid19 pandemic have made it harsh for anyone to go outside. Conducting exams at this time will be of no use. It will just increase the spread of the disease. According to them, all those decisions can ruin the life and health of students rather than creating opportunities. This has come out as an anti-student and anti-poor decision with no logical justification. Many studies have shown their discontent by complaining to the Students Federation of India (SFI) against these new UGC guidelines.



Will the authorities take the responsibility of the student’s life?

Students are in complete confusion after a fresh set of UGC guidelines issued on Monday 8th July. In this new Guideline, UGC is asking colleges and universities to conduct the final year or semester exams by the end of September 2020. Earlier it was decided to cancel the college and university exams. They are clearly demanding the cancellation of the exams of the students. The twitter feed is filled with their tweets. The tag #SayNoToUGCGuidelines trending over all other issues.


All the new guidelines are completely illogical, inhumane, and insane. The students are not for the covid19 trials. They are like other human beings and their health matters too. This has made me ask everyone if the authorities will take the responsibility of the student’s life. Not even from a single dimension, these guidelines are justified. This pandemic is a cause of concern and conducting exams in such a hell-like situation is not a good action. UGC must make suitable changes to these new guidelines. All this is in the hands of students too. Student influencers are appealing to other students not to attend these exams.



Students protest can take a serious shape

After the new guidelines, students are showing their dismay against the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). For now, this hot topic is trending on Twitter. This is happening in a silent mode. But if MHRD, didn’t change the guidelines it may take some serious form. And if the exams are canceled, all the final year folks will not get their degrees. Will they get any jobs without degrees.Do u think degrees are worth more than skills?



Lives, Skills, and Degrees

No doubt, that life is the most important one when compared to anything else. Students can’t afford to attend the exams. So they must try learning new skills these days. Skills matter a lot. There are many organizations, MNCs, and other companies where people are recruited based on their skills and learning. Do projects to showcase them. If you are not getting degrees, earn skills that will help you in the future. This is for all the students and professionals.



What can be a better option in this case?

The decision has been made with even analyzing the heat of the situation. No one can tell about the number of cases that can be confronted in the upcoming months. Every problem can have more than one option. They can’t just put students’ lives at risk. There can be more ways to deal with this tight corner. Conducting exams in online mode can be a better option if the conditions become favorable can be a better choice. What do you think?




On one hand, they are giving a STAY HOME STAY SAFE message and on the other side, they are making students go out of their homes to attend the exams. That is horrible. It is important to safeguard the principles of safety and health. At the same time, it is crucial to ensure the academic credibility and create career opportunities for the youths. Do exams matter more than life? Is this decision by MHRD ministry is unjustified? What changes do you think should be made in this new guideline? Comment out your suggestions in the comment section.


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