Twitter’s security breach: prominent twitter accounts hacked!

The Twitter accounts of many prominent companies and individuals were hacked on Wednesday this is one of the most widespread and obfuscating contraventions the Twitter has ever seen, reports say that it was in service of promoting a bitcoin scam that earned its creators around $120,000.

Twitter screenshots

According to sources, Twitter’s systems were hacked. But the following extraordinary hacks of accounts including Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Kanye West, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Gates, Former U.S. President Barack Obama,  and Apple Twitter took the forceful initiative of blocking new tweets from every verified user, hacked or not, and also it took steps to block compromised accounts.

One remarkable exception in the attack was the account of U.S. President Donald Trump. According to an American newspaper, Trumps’s account has special protection features placed in after following past incidents, those protections may have saved Trump’s account from being compromised, although it is not yet confirmed that whether the hackers even attempted to gain control over the president’s account.

The Twitter attack is now getting frighteningly clear, as hackers could have caused way more serious harm with access to such prominent accounts.

Twitter says it won’t restore access to their owners as they aren’t certain enough to do so. Since Thursday, the company is on their toes working to restore access to blocked accounts, although Twitter says that hackers couldn’t gain any password regarding information from the accounts affected, apparently all of which were verified accounts belonging to prominent and high-profile companies and individuals. According to Twitter, around 130 accounts were triggered, with the attackers managing to take control of a small portion of those.

Twitter hack tweets by jeff bezoz, elon musk, bill gates, ye, uber, apple

India issues a notice to Twitter

Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) got into action after reports that hackers gained access to Twitter’s systems to hack accounts of many global corporate leaders, politicians, celebrities, and businesses.

Cyber attackers had hacked into the Twitter accounts of globally high profile twitter users – on Wednesday in a purported Bitcoin scam.

 India’s cybersecurity nodal agency CERT-In has issued a notice to Twitter on Saturday, asking the micro-blogging platform for full details of the recent global hack targeting high-profile users, as it seeks complete information on several Indian users affected as well as the impact on data, a source said.

 The source private to the development told PTI that CERT-In has also asked Twitter for information on the number of users from India who have visited the baleful tweets and links and if the affected users have been informed by the platform about unsanctioned access to their Twitter accounts.

India's response to twitter hack news

The “break and snatch” operation of the hackers

The motive of those smart hackers seems to be very clear – make as much money as speedily as they can. The hackers knew that the tweets wouldn’t stay up for long so this was more like a “break and snatch” operation.

There’s still no confirmation on the amount of money that the hackers were able to make. The figures are still fluctuating but it’s important to remember that these techy criminals mostly add funds from their own pockets into their Bitcoin wallets to make the scam look like a big one.

Hackers explained the scenario

So how did the hackers get access to the internal tool? Sources say that a representative did all the work for hackers. Another source says that they paid Twitter’s internal management.

An intramural tool was used on Twitter to gain access to the high-profile accounts, screenshots obtained by the sources were revealed.

The hacker used a device to reset the associated email addresses of the accounts compromised to make it more complicated for the owner to regain control, TechCrunch mentioned. The hacker then processed their bitcoin swindle from the prominent accounts that were noticed by everyone on Wednesday.

The device was on the Twitter panel to hack accounts OG or accounts consists not more than a couple of characters. The screenshot of the panel was largely shared but was taken down later by Twitter.

The same panel was used to post tweets related to cryptocurrency fraud from the high profile accounts that created a chaotic situation on the platform.

Twitter also confirmed that the hacks were in coordination with the social engineers, they targeted some of Twitter’s employees with access to intramural systems and devices.

One of Twitter’s representatives also mentioned that they are going to take actions for any personal or private information shared.

Along with the Twitter accounts of prominent international personalities, the websites of the leading cryptocurrency sites were also hacked on Wednesday. Cryptocurrency sites like Gemini and Coinbase falsely proclaimed that they had a collaboration with an organization called CryptoForHealth, through their Twitter accounts.

Celebs who's twitter accounts were hacked

This hack has created a great international whoop about twitter’s security which apparently is a global issue now.

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