Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death: Suicide or murder?

A month ago Sushant Singh was found dead in his Bandra apartment! But even after a month, there is no remarkable progress in the case.

While many netizens along with renowned politicians and actors are pleading for a CBI inquiry for Sushant. Mumbai police is constantly trying to resist the urge for CBI’s intervention in Shushant ‘s case.

Shekhar Suman, a renowned tv and film actor says the fact that the Mumbai Police is not able to close a ‘suicide case’ in a month means ‘there’s more to it than what meets the eye’. He alleges that the evidence will be destroyed by the time govt allows a CBI inquiry in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

Why is maharashtra government resisting a CBI enquiry?

In a statement given to media, Maharashtra’s home minister Anil Deshmukh said that there is no need to give the case to the CBI. Mumbai police officials are capable enough and they are getting the things done in the right way. They are also trying to inspect the angle of business rivalry, said Deshmukh.

Till now, the police have interrogated around 30 people, including Rhea Chakraborty, filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Bollywood casting director Mukesh Chhabra and Sushant’s family members.

Why is the government trying to avoid the inquiry? A few days ago Pappu Yadav, an MLA of Jan AdhikarParty tweeted a picture of a letter he received from Amit shah’s office. The letter acknowledged his urge for a CBI inquiry in Sushant Singh’s case.

The letter said that Yadav’s letter was received on June 16, 2020, where a CBI inquiry for Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide case was demanded. Since CBI comes under the Department of Personnel and Training and not under the Ministry of home affairs, Amit Shah said in the letter that he is forwarding it to the concerned ministry. However Yadav, in his tweet, urged Shah to call for more immediate action.

Sushant Singh Rajput CBI enquiry

Why is there a merry-go-round of files? Is that to seek time so that the evidence can be destroyed or get burned like the ones of Salman Khan’s hit and run case did? Is that to save the culprits?

Twitter account of Sushant’s  Relative mysteriously disappears

Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s relative Devej Narain has alleged that Bollywood actor Salman Khan and his family are involved in the actor’s death by suicide. Narain said that Congress MLA Baba Siddiqui, who is Salman’s close friend, is protecting him from Mumbai Police.

He tagged the Prime Minister of India, RAW, NIA, and Special Branch in his tweet and he appealed to PM Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, and Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray to order a probe into Sushant’s suicide case.

Narain also divulged on Twitter that Salman Khan had tried to blow off his daughter in law’s car and posted disparaging remarks in the comment section of his tweet.

Surprisingly, when Sushant Singh Rajput’s followers tried to search for Devej Narain’s Twitter handle, they found it to be missing from the social media platform.

Narain’s account was taken off the mini-blogging site.

Devej Narain Tweet for Sushant Singh Rajput
Here’s what Narain said:

Even on the internet, everything is manipulative but at no cost, Sushant’s fan are ready to accept that he hung himself.

Some theories even suggest that it’s Dawood Abrahim behind the death of Sushant Singh.

Why is there a cry for CBI inquiry amongst netizens

Conspiracy theories surfaced on social media suggests that Sushant did not die by suicide. The question that most people are asking is how could an actor of his caliber give up on life so easily. In the initial investigation, most news angles explored death due to depression theory.

Following the sequence of events closely, it’s hard to believe that the actor committed suicide, the night before his demise, he had returned with some friends nearly around 10.30 and celebrated at his place, as the neighbors heard hooting noise coming from his apartment in Bandra. Two of his friends stayed over.  The next morning went for a walk, returned and played games on his Play Station, and then took a glass of pomegranate juice with him to his room. Later when the cook knocked his door to ask him what he would like to have for lunch, there was no response. The friends who stayed over his place and the cook called a locksmith, after getting the door opened they found him hanging. They then rang up Sushant’s sister and called the cops.

Scene of the crime, before his body was taken out, suggests a lot of clamors

  1. The police reported he had used the bed to hang himself, (there was no stool or chair). This seemed next to impossible, as the height between the bed which is around 1.5 to 2ft height and the fan seemed far too less for a man of 6 ft, weighing around 75 kilos, to hang to death.
  2. Police found his medical documents and prescriptions by his bedside. Why would one normally leave their medical documents there, was it an attempt by someone to show he was depressed and was taking medicines?
  3. The body itself had strangulation marks that were round in shape and not V-shaped which is how it would look when one commits suicide. Several images showed the dark indent, which could not have been caused by a flimsy dupatta, but something far stronger, like a rope.
  • 4. The normal signs of struggle, when a man commits suicide too were missing, his face was neither blue nor were his eyes or tongue protruding. Instead of looking at his images, you notice that there were bruises near his forehead, one eye, and arms. One eye was partially open and the skin around it looked dark. How did these bruises appear if it was just a normal case of suicide?
  • 5. His autopsy report showed asphyxia due to hanging, which itself does not mean suicide, it could mean he was strangled by someone, and then the whole thing could have been staged as a suicide.
  • 6. Before his body was taken, a video reveals that his finger was moving, showing a cadaveric spasm (stiffness of the muscles in extreme cases) which was then covered with a cloth by someone. Though studies say that these kinds of movements are common after the death of a human.

Everywhere there’s a web of gripping mysteries and manipulation. A detailed CBI investigation is much needed to unwind the tangled strings of manipulation and facts before it’s too late.

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