Rajiv Tyagi’s death: A question mark on the toxicity of Indian media.

The Indian National Congress spokesman Rajiv Tyagi died after struggling with a coronary cardiac arrest at his house in Ghaziabad on Wednesday.

Soon after his death, the political rivalry between Indian National Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party took a fierce turn, and once again Twitter witnessed the dirty picture of Indian politics in the name of religion. 

Tyagi attended his last debate on Aajtak. According to a source, Rajiv Tyagi’s Hinduism was questioned in the debate by the BJP’s spokesperson Sambit Patra. And minutes after he appeared on the debate, national spokesperson of Congress Party Rajiv Tyagi collapsed and was declared dead in a hospital in Noida. 

Tyagi has been a popular congress face in news debates and his last tweet came on Wednesday around 3:40 pm. Where he said he was scheduled to participate in a debate at 5 pm.

After the debate was over, Tyagi asked his domestic help to prepare tea for him. He then settled himself on his bed. When the house help brought the tea after a few minutes, he did not respond. – Rajiv Tyagi’s family member.

What happened in the debate?

In the debate, whose video is now being widely circulated on social media, Patra can be heard saying. –“Tika lagane se koi saccha Hindu nahi ban jaata hai. Tika lagana hai na toh dil mein laga tika aur himmat hai toh kaho kisne ghar jalaya hai. (No one becomes a true Hindu by just wearing a tikka. If you have to apply tika, you should apply it to your heart. And if you have the courage then say who burnt the house.)”

The debate called for a discussion on the communal Bengaluru riots. Other debaters present at the show were Atik-urr-Rehman who is known to be an Islamic scholar and Sangeet Ragi who is a professor at the University of Delhi.

The sudden demise of Congress’ national spokesperson Rajiv Tyagi just after participating in a live TV debate has triggered a conversation about the essence of these debates. With certain members of the party, including Ahmed Patel, saying how news debates have been reduced to “potentially lethal practices.”

Some party leaders convicted BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra of using “loathsome words” during the debate against Tyagi, whereas others demanded his arrest.

“It is high time that the owners, editors, and anchors of television channels need to look introspectively at how those in the industry have reduced news discussions to pointless, toxic, and potentially fatal activity. Words may often have the same effect as bullets,” wrote senior congress member Ahmad Patel.

Some leading political personalities like Prashant Bhushan have alleged Sambit Patra of poisoning Tyagi through his venomous words during the debate. He said that Tyagi has been murdered by Aajtak and Sambit Patra.

To what extent these allegations are valid is a subject matter of law but the quality of Indian journalism is worsening by the day. ‘the freedom of speech’ is probably being misused by these exaggerating news channels. Many Analysts and senior Journalists believe that these kinds of TV debates are toxic for the ‘unity strength of the country’ as sensitive topics are being freely discussed and the personal life of the debaters are triggered and mortified without any shilly-shally.

From now on, A question mark will always remain intact with these news agencies, “who killed Rajiv Tyagi?” – People wrote on twitter seeking the end of toxicity in the Indian political debates.

The condolences.

President of Congress Sonia Gandhi, former party chief Rahul Gandhi, and general secretary of the party for Uttar Pradesh Priyanka Gandhi Vadra spoke to Mr. Tyagi’s family over the phone to verbalize their deepest sympathies.

The President of the Youth Congress Srinivas B.V.  accused Patra on Twitter, Mr. Tyagi reportedly suffered a heart attack after his faith was challenged, and when he was  labeled a “false Hindu.” He said.

The president of the Youth Congress also attached a video clip in his tweet, where the doctor said the spokesperson for the Congress was given emergency treatment for 45 minutes but could not be revived.

Many leaders from several political parties including BJP’s Sambit Patra have expressed their condolences to Tyagi’s Family.

Rajiv Tyagi’s death: A question mark on the toxicity of Indian media., Aajtak

(cannot believe that Congress’s national spokesperson my friend @RTforINDIA is no more with us. We just had a debate today @aajtak. Life is very uncertain. I can’t find words. Dear lord Govind, please let Rajiv Tyagi Ji under your lotus feet.)

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