President Trump’s nomination will take place privately.

The voting procedure for President Trump’s nomination is all set to be held in private,  in August. This means the proportionally reduced Republican National Convention to be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, is closed for Media. Due to the given health restrictions and limitations imposed within the state of North Carolina, the Republican party is planning for the Charlotte activities to be closed to the media. From Friday, 21st of August to Monday, 24th of August. a convention spokesperson told the media in a statement on Saturday  

 Republican delegates will gather in Charlotte, North Carolina on Aug 24. President Trump will formally be elected to be the Grand old party’s nominee. The voting process will Stream live, according to the news.   

The move was made to conduct a minimal gathering and to avoid the spread of the coronavirus. From the 2,550 delegates list, the numbers were cut short to 336 delegates. Which is only one per six delegates owing to the pandemic crises  

Convention officials did not immediately respond to inquiries from the American media. A Republican National Committee official told media personnel in a statement that no such final decision has been made. And they are still working to bring in logistics and press coverage options.  

Is this the final assessment?   

On the next day, the statement was contradicted by an RNC member. According to him, a final decision is yet to come. And the evaluation for logistics and media coverage options is still on. Though, no such official permission was given to the member for disclosing the matter publicly and for making any remark on terms of the party.  

Nominating conventions are mostly meant to be bonanzas for news houses for ages. The political parties attempt to leverage the publicity.  The events draw that to spread their message to as many voters as possible. If the judgment of the Grand Old Party stands, this will be the first party to elect the Convention in modern history without the presence of any media personnel  

The pandemic threat  

The 2020 convention was originally scheduled to take place in Charlotte. But according to the state officials, they could not guarantee a large-scale event in the city amid the pandemic, which can have an impact on the lives of over 150,000 Americans. Advisers suggested the country for an alternative venue, the grand old party then pinned Jacksonville, Florida. As a new place for their convention. Where the Mayor and the governor of the state would be associates of the president.  

Then, amid a surge in coronavirus cases in Florida, Trump later in the last month abruptly called off the celebrations scheduled to take place in Jacksonville. In his statement, Trump assured that he would still Give some kind of acceptance speech. But it apparently can’t be before a crowd of thousands. 

The number of deaths in the United States from COVID-19 exceeded 1,000 for a fifth consecutive day. Texas allegedly had 9,539 new cases on Saturday, taking the total to 430,485 confirmed cases in States. In Florida, where a hurricane threat is undermining efforts to curb the pandemic, the mortality rate has slowed.

Privately some Grand old party’s delegations have also raised logistical issues with traveling to other cities. They mentioned the increasing number of restrictions enforcing compulsory quarantine orders on travelers returning from pandemic-stricken nations.

The emissary group of delegates would cast votes for over 2,500 official delegates to the convention in Charlotte.

Trump’s presence at the convention.  

President Trump’s nomination will take place privately.

A Republican National Convention official told a global news channel that they are not expecting President Trump to address the American public while taking the nomination. In case he appears physically at the convention, he will most probably consider thanking delegates in private. Without any media officials being present.   

American media’s reaction

 Press reporter Zeke Miller, who is a part of the White House Correspondents’ Association. Said hat the” ill-advised” move should undergo a reappraisal.  

President Trump’s nomination will take place privately.

The nomination of a major party’s presidential candidate is a matter of concern for the Americans, he added.  

Miller later tweeted, that a republican party official now says that the decision is not final. And that they are still working to consider press coverage options. Trump has been forced to discard his rallies because of the pandemic crises. Which is killing over 1,000 Americans a day?  

His tweets condemned the decision of the “grand old party”. But the citizens of the United States are still waiting for a final reappraised decision.

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