People craving justice for Dr. Kafeel Khan

People craving justice for Dr. Kafeel Khan


Dr. Kafeel Khan was a lecturer in Baba Raghav Das Medical College, Gorakhpur. He completed his MBBS and an MD in Pediatrics from Kasturba Medical College. He was born to a renowned, educated family of Gorakhpur, Uttar-Pradesh. In the initial years of his career, he started working as Assistant Professor in SIIMS, Gangtok, Sikkim (the east side). On 8th August 2016, he got a place at BRD Medical College as a permanent lecturer.


Rumors against Dr. Kafeel for killing 60 Students

Dr. Khan has been accused of delivering anti-national anti- CAA inflammatory speech in a protest rally in Aligarh Muslim University (AMU). Here CAA is the Citizenship Amendment Act. and it was a hot and spicy topic at that time. An FIR was registered against him under section 153-A (Provoking the enmity between different sections based on religion) of IPC on December 13.


After then he was arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force in Mumbai for this act. It was not the first time that AMU became a place to discuss anti-national opinions. Universities like Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)and Jawaharlal Lal Nehru (JNU) are popular for getting into the limelight for many protests, debates, and rallies in a bad way. Before this Dr. Khan was held responsible for the death of around 60 children in BRD Medical College. He was accused of cutting the oxygen supply to the children. After that incident, he was immediately made to resign as the nodal officer of that Colleges Ward.


The death of 60 students was astonishing and shocking. It just made the whole country go into a deep sense of unconsciousness. Nothing was there to justify the cruel death of these students. There was a little clue for the real culprits. Later he came out a real-life hero when media announced that he had bought the oxygen gas with his own money. This citation hit the case hard and this gave dr. Khan an edge over all the accusations. There seemed a clear ray of hope of his bail. 


Dr. Khans Latest video from jail got viral

At this time, he is in the Uttar Pradesh jail and has sent an emotional message to the people of India. Living a pathetic and miserable life, he has addressed people through his video. In his video, he says- ” There is a threat to his life in prison. They will kill or encounter me. Don’t believe if police officers say that I have committed suicide. I am such not a coward who will suicide. I will fight against the odds but he is not a small-hearted guy who will just cut his life down.


Before this video, Dr. Kafeel Khan has written a letter of 4 pages. In that letter, he talked about the real problem the prisoners face in Jails. He wrote about the miserable and pathetic condition of the prison and their toilets. He claimed for 150 prisoners using a single toilet. The smell of Urine, unhygienic toilets, and the absence of electricity made his life like hell.


People ask -Justice for Dr. Kafeel Khan

His current video from Uttar Pradesh prison got viral. People are paying close attention to his video. The social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook are filled with people posts, demanding Justice for Dr. Kafeel Khan. Maybe this will go long. They are trying to fasten the process of the investigation.


Clean chit to Dr. Kafeel Khan but conditions still apply, says UP govt

Till now Uttar Pradesh’s government has put three different charges against Dr. Khan. Being a government doctor, he was practicing in a private hospital. He kept it as too secret. He failed to inform about the Oxygen gas shortage at the BRD ward. Still, the investigation is going and there are chances for Dr. Khan to get a bail. On this note, Kafeel khanput his views that real justice would be done when the real criminals behind the oxygen trauma are put behind the bars. 


Does it all happen because he was Muslim?

The fight between India and Pakistan has been there for decades. Muslims are targeted in many regions. Be it a state or country. There are incidents when Muslims made their community feel shattered and inferior. Muslims like Laden’s al-Qaeda, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar are big black dots in the face of the Muslim community. This has made people question the honesty and brotherhood of Muslims. But all are not alike. Be it fingers of your hand or Muslim people. We can just say that – Does it all happened because he was Muslim? You can judge anyone if you don’t know the exact details. So, go ahead and share this article.



All these pathetic incidents have made the people of the country ask for the justice of Dr. Kafeel Khan. Also, they are asking several questions like “is the treatment for Khan and Hindus the same or different.” Thousands of them question the delay in the investigation of the case. 



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