No sign of Naya Rivera as an extensive search of Lake Piru continues

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‘Glee’ fame Naya Rivera is presumed dead after no signs of her or her body have been found in Lake Piru. After extensive searching by the local authorities her four-year-old son was found alone in a pontoon boat rented by the actress on Wednesday.

Rivera, 33, who starred as Santana Lopez in “Glee,” leased a pontoon boat at 1 p.m. at Lake Piru, about 50 miles northwest of Los Angeles on Wednesday. After the actress failed to return back with the boat in time, around 4 p.m., another boater found Naya’s boat afloat by itself on the lake with her son asleep on board.

When her son was questioned about the whereabouts of the actress, he responded that he and his mother went swimming and she pushed him into the boat but failed to get back on the boat herself. Her son was discovered wearing a life jacket and there was another life vest on the boat.

How is Social Media reacting to it?

Since Naya has been such a beloved actress, people on social media have started urging the local authorities to amp up the search for the actress which has resulted in the authorities searching in the nearby cabins also because of the suggestion by the twitter users. However, the officials said that it’s highly unlikely that the actress is in the cabins and they are sure that she is in the lake itself.

A dive rescue squad and helicopter helped search the lake on Wednesday night, and the search resumed on the 9th of July.

At 10:30 am on the same date, the sheriff’s department said on Twitter that more than 80 people in multiple search groups, consisting of ATVs and ground teams, were searching for Rivera.

A short time later, the department wrote on Twitter that it had known as on specialized dive groups from Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Tulare counties to aid inside the seek. However, after no positive findings, the officials confirmed that the search had now moved on to recover the body. Statements were also made by the authority that there was no evidence of any kind of foul play and this is probably the case of drowning.

Did they ever find Naya Rivera?

It was also reported by the officials that if the body is entangled in something, there is a possibility of the body not being recovered and it’s especially hard because the visibility in the lake is very poor and due to there being a lot of plants and trees in the particular area, there is a high risk of the body getting entangled which makes it very hard for the divers to search.

Rivera’s relatives have also joined the search. The officials have also released video photos from a remotely operated car they released 30 feet beneath the lake’s surface during the search. The ROV had been released to analyze a dark-looking shape – which apparently was just a tree branch and also highlighting the poor visibility. Authorities also stated for the duration of a press convention on the 10th of July that none of the actress’s gadgets were detected by the usage of sonar equipment.

Later, on Monday her body was found floating in the northeast area of the lake where the water is between 35 and 60 feet deep Monday, after a six-day search. Ayub said investigators are “confident” the body found was Rivera, but the body is still being taken to Ventura County Coroner’s Office, where it will be identified through dental records.

After this incident, a petition with thousands of signature has been launched and addressed to California’s Lake Piru for warning signs to post around the area. There have been multiple cases of drowning in the lake.


This incident has also raised a lot of essential queries about the safety in rivers and lakes. Rivers and lakes are especially dangerous seeing as they comprise a lot of unknowns. It only takes seconds for a person to quietly slip underneath the floor of the water. There the drowning system starts and unless that individual is quickly recovered to the land and supplied support as a way to breathe, the end result could be a deadly drowning. Even if a person recovered, they’ll go through life-long consequences of oxygen deprivation.

Whenever going to rivers and lakes, some basic safety rules should be followed:

  • Even if the person can swim, life jackets are a must as most of the time the depth of the water body is unknown and hence the life vest acts as a protection.
  • Even if the bottom is visible it is highly recommended to not dive headfirst into the water body to avoid the risk of injuries and entanglement.
  • Before getting in, it is important to observe the conditions of the lake, river, etc.
  • The warning signs present in the area must always be considered crucially before doing anything.
  • It is always important to be in control of yourself and not to be under the influence of any kind of liquor or drugs around water bodies.
  • People should avoid going to rivers and lakes alone and should always be accompanied by adults in case they face any kind of emergency.

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