News Nation stated BLACKPINK as Chinese strippers

Amid the conflict between India and China, a story by an Indian news channel has angered BLACKPINK fans. A news report linked to the Chinese government’s scrutiny was broadcast by the Indian News channel called “News Nation TV.” One of the live performances given by the girl group was broadcasted on national TV and the news channel regarded BLACKPINK as “Chinese Strippers”. Cleary the lack of research by the TV channel has received significant publicity.

The news channel in question is News Nation TV. There are anti-Chinese feelings in India following the border scuffle between India and China and some news channels are constantly broadcasting stories related to China. The News Nation has shown the clipping on BLACKPINK’s music video in one of its segments called “Rochak Romanchak” [meaning Thrilling Content] and the subtitles below read “strippers dance during funerals in China.”

The anchor is heard saying that the Chinese Ministry of Culture has found the practice obscene and while it is unclear if there will be a ban on the practice the Chinese government will continue to work to stop it.

“In Your Town” Unrepresented concert

This enraged fans and demanded an apology. Even fans of BLACKPINK India responded to the same and shamed the news story. Giving specifics of the album, fans said the clipping showing was from the “In Your Town” concert by BLACKPINK where Lisa and Jennie performed solo.

BLACKPINK’s first Japanese studio album, South Korean girl group, is in Your Zone. The music video was digitally released on 23 November 2018. The same premier result took place on Dec. 5, 2018.

Fans on Twitter have also started trending #ApologizeNewsNation and #ShameOnYouNewsNation. Fans took to the SNS page on BLACKPINK and tried to educate the News Nation on reality. One of the common arguments against this segment by the fans highlighted the following points:

  • BLACKPINK is South Korean (not Chinese),
  • Challenged the channel on calling anyone stripper on the national news channel
  • Asked the channel to stop abusing women
  • Urged it to perform proper research before the show was broadcast.

The fans accused the channel of spreading false news, too.



The group in concern is BLACKPINK, a South Korean girl group. It was formed by YG entertainment and consists of four members namely Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. BLACKPINK is the top-charting Korean female artist on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Billboard 200. They became the first Korean girl group to reach and top the New Artists chart of Billboard and have three number-one singles on the World Digital Song Sales chart of Billboard. The group broke several online records during their career; the last music videos released by the girl group both set a record for the most-watched music video within the first 24 hours of release.

BLACKPINK has earned itself a lot of nominations and wins in both national and international music awards such as in the 31st Golden Disc Awards. It was also regarded as one of the most influential celebrity groups by Forbes Korea. The group was also the first female Korean artist to be on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Asia list.

BLACKPINK is currently Spotify’s most-followed female group and YouTube’s most-subscribed music group.

The problem with Indian News Media

This isn’t the first instance that the Indian media has been accused of using fake information. A lot of times to make the news more interesting and to attract attention, news channels use fake facts, doctored videos, and pictures. This in itself defeats the entire purpose of news channels because they are supposed to be a reliable source of information to keep the people updated on the current issues the world is facing.

Nowadays, news channels and social media have become a hub of fake news. Political parties have formed their own cyber cells with their main goal as more and more fake news spreads. Once we receive some news/video/image/link it is very easy to pass it on to others. Most people do share it with other peoples without even knowing the truth about this news.

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