Manchester City has effectively lifted a two-year ban on European club competitions. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) reported that the club was guilty of “disguising equity funds as donations to funding.”The town’s fine was cut from EUR 30 m (£26.9 m) to EUR 10 m.

The City will not only be able to participate in next season’s European top competition but will also be able to retain its best stars comfortably.

In February 2020, Manchester City was banned by UEFA from the Champions League for the next two campaigns and fined €30 m ( £ 25 m) after they misled the governing body of European football and violated the laws of fair financial play. The severity of the suspension from all UEFA’s top club competitions and the size of the penalty reflects how strongly UEFA’s FFP regulatory bodies regard the club as violating the rules and code of conduct.

FFP rules

FFP rules are principles that UEFA upholds to prevent teams from abusing their financial dominance and achieving an unfair edge later. The law says that a party’s pay needs to be measured against what it receives. Lucrative sponsorships raise income from a club, and how much clubs can invest. The argument, then, was that Mansour funded the remainder of the Etihad contract secretly – raising fears that the club had deceived the CFCB of UEFA.

The Club Financial Management Body’s independent adjudicatory chamber (CFCB) said City had violated the rules by overestimating its sponsorship income in its accounts and in the break-even details sent to UEFA between 2012 and 2016, adding that the club failed to participate in the investigation.

CAS stated that the city “failed to comply with UEFA authorities” in delivering the verdict on Monday but reversed UEFA’s club financial regulation body (CFCB)’s decision to suspend them. The City said the decision was “an affirmation of the role of the club and the proof this could offer. The club wishes to thank the members of the tribunal for their dedication and the due consideration they conducted, said City.

Manchester Football

The judgment given by the CFCB

The judgment given by the CFCB Adjudicatory Chamber on 14 February 2020 will be set aside and replaced by the following:-

  • MCFC has violated Article 56 of the Club Licensing and Financial.
  • MCFC will pay a fee of EUR 10 000 000 to UEFA within three decades.

The CAS stated that City did not only hide equity support as sponsorship donations but maintained that the club had lied to collaborate with UEFA, the governing body of European football. A CAS spokesman said City did not overestimate its marketing commitments but did not comply with UEFA authorities. The CAS award showed that most of the suspected violations identified by the Adjudicatory Chamber of the CFCB were either not formed or not formed throughout due time.

Man City will now have to face a fine of €10 m due to a lack of co-operation with the investigation. The explanation CAS states this is because:

Considering ­­

The CAS panel decided that a considerable fine would be levied on the MCFC and deemed it necessary to minimize the original penalty of the UEFA.

To begin with, City began to lose income just over €100 million without European football. Most specifically, they had been under imminent danger of losing their star stars after surrendering the Premier League title to Liverpool this year. After the takeover of Abu Dhabi, City has slowly distorted the trade price in football. Following the arrival of Pep Guardiola as the first-team boss in 2016-17, their investment has taken a dramatic jump.

As recorded by Marca last year, Guardiola invested nearly €250 million on defenders alone-€ 66 million on Joao Cancelo, €65 million on Aymeric Laporte, €57.5 million on Benjamin Mendy and €55.6 million on John Stones. The City has forked €70 m for winger Rodrigo Hernandez and €40 m for goalkeeper Ederson. Affluence and an abundance of resources have huge drivers factors for City winning back-to-back Premier League titles this season before losing them to Liverpool.

There were concerns that if their Champions League suspension was maintained, City stars might leave the club. The CAS decision has undoubtedly helped City expand its relationship with the star boss.

UEFA noted that CAS considered insufficient definitive proof to confirm any of his conclusions, not facts. And some claims were ignored for being over five years old. But, since the City hasn’t really cooperated since this was reported, little remains short of complete exoneration.

Yet it’s impossible that City would worry that much about it but what a story will be if they could follow up with a solid first Champions League.


UEFA states that, in this particular situation, the CAS panel concluded that there was insufficient credible proof to support all the judgments of the CFCB and that all of the important variables were time-barred due to the five years anticipated in the UEFA legislation. CAS said City did fail to comply with UEFA authorities in delivering the verdict on Monday but reversed UEFA’s club financial regulation body (CFCB)’s decision to suspend them. UEFA could bring an appeal in Swiss federal courts against the decision. Yet BBC Sport knows that UEFA isn’t a downhill path. Any such appeal will be impossible to be heard until the launch of the Champions League 2020-21.

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