JUNGLE RAJ in U.P. – C.M. yogi on the trigger

Slamming the Yogi Adityanath government( Jungle raj) over the killing of a lab technician in Kanpur, Samajwadi Party leader Akhilesh Yadav demanded that President’s Rule be imposed in the state.

Announcing assistance of Rs 5 lakh for the family of the technician, Yadav said that the state government should give at least Rs 50 lakh to the victim’s family.

Apart from Yadav, BSP president Mayawati also condemned the killing saying “jungle raj” prevailed in Uttar Pradesh. Taking to her Twitter, the BSP president said, “In another incident during the jungle raj in UP, the body of Sanjit Yadav was thrown into the river by kidnappers in Kanpur after killing him which is very sad and condemnable.” She further said that the state government needs to immediately come into action, especially on the issue of crime control and law and order.

Sanjeet Yadav

Who is Sanjeet Yadav and why is the reason behind “#presidentruleinup”

Sanjeet Yadav worked as a lab technician in Kanpur. He was abducted from am area named barra 22 of June, while he was returning to his home from the office. A day later, on June 23, his family went to the police and got a complaint fired. He was murdered brutally by the abductors on the other day. According to the police, the kidnappers shot the young man on June 26-27, and they dumped his body into the Pandu River. The police said five people including two friends of the dead are under arrest. Efforts are still on a way to recover the body from the river. A week ago, the family members of the technician had pointed towards the Kanpur police of conniving with kidnappers and failing to stop them from escaping with Rs 30 lakh ransom.

According to the U.P. state government, SHO Ranjit Rai was asked to handover his charges by the Uttar Pradesh Police on allegation of negligence in conniving with the abductors of Kanpur lab technician. Later a new Inspector Harmeet Singh took over the charges.

But this is not it, there are more such cases in `U.P. than there are feathers on a bird. Something that happened on 20th July, shook the nation forever.

Uttar Pradesh Police, Kanpur lab technician

Ghaziabad journalist shot dead

Ghaziabad journalist Vikram Joshi was shot at by assailants on the night of July 20, for lodging a complaint against the goons harassing his niece. He died of a bullet injury on Wednesday morning in a private hospital. Is this something more than just a startle, what does this prove? That a citizen who is considered to be the king of democracy can’t stand for himself? Or Goons are the new uncrowned Monarch of this nation? In front of whom we are all supposed to bow down? Now the government is encircled with questions.

Joshi was shot brutally four days after he lodged a complaint in the Vijay Nagar police station against three men for harassing and making objectionable remarks on his niece.

Nine persons, including two of the three main, accused Ravi and Shehnoor Mansoor alias Chhotu – who allegedly shot Mr. Joshi with a local unlicensed pistol – were arrested on Tuesday. But what if this incident was buried deep under darkness like the other one’s. What if this news wasn’t highlighted? Nobody would have cared about the family of late Journalist Vikram Joshi.

“Gundaraaj” in uttarpradesh

The road to Delhi, they say, goes through Lucknow the capital of Uttar Pradesh, a state that has seen some of the most impactful political transformations in recent years.

Uttar Pradesh is allegedly the epitome of all the ills afflicting Indian politics – corruption, criminalization, clientelism, and patronage. This state of affairs is encased in one popular and dreaded title – Goonda Raj. Which suits the state.

Uttar Pradesh Police, Kanpur lab technician, YOGI SARKAR

The initial three years of the YOGI SARKAR have been marked by lawlessness, communal violence between the Hindus and the Muslims, and a general climate of insecurity. Though the standard definition of Gundaraaj is slightly changed this time, now the police here is the new Gunda. Under the Yogi sarkar rule, every day there’s a new story of brutality either by police or with the consent of Police. The recent case of beating up of two scooter riders in Varanasi by the traffic police is completely truly condemnable, who is giving them a free hand? And which amendment of the constitution allows them to do so?

The citizens of U.P. are being highly suppressed and victimized. Is C.M. yogi unable to manage a state with the highest number of seats in Lok sabha? The C.M. needs to come up and speak over the allegations, or the drive #presidentruleinup might take away his chair.

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