IPL 2020 Scheduled to begin on September 19, final on November 8

The much-awaited Indian Premier League has been rescheduled for September 19, 2020, in the United Arab Emirates. The final is set to take place on 8 November 2020. This was confirmed on 24 July by IPL 2020 President Brijesh Patel.

The IPL Chairman has notified that next week the IPL Governing Council is expected to meet to plan the full details and approve the schedule. The BCCI alerted all the franchises unofficially of its plan.

The BCCI has gained permission from the government to organize the IPL 2020 edition in the UAE. It’s going to be a complete 51-day tournament.

 The opening match will be played on 19 September 2020 between the Mumbai Indians (MI) vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK). On 8 November 2020, the IPL 2020 Final will be played.

The IPL team will also commence the match at 19.30 pm in the evening.

Key Highlights

  • After the ICC agreed to delay ICC T20 World 2020 until October 2021 the door has been opened to the Indian Premier League. The T20 World Cup is expected to take place in Australia between October and November 2020.
  • The Emirates Cricket Board is officially notified by the BCCI.To ensure the health of the players and staff, the BCCI officially writes to the Cricket Board of the Emirates.
  • The governing body plans a standard operating procedure to tackle the COVID-19 risk in the future. The standard operating procedure should be ready in a few days. 
  • The President of the IPL said that he left it to the Government of the UAE to determine whether they permit the crowd to go into stadiums or not. Social distancing will however continue.
  • The UAE has three grounds for IPL matches: Sharjah, Sheikh Zayed Stadium, and the Dubai International Stadium.
  • The BCCI will rent the premises for the training of all the teams of the ICC Academy, which includes two large cricket fields with 38 turf pitches, 6 indoor pitches, a massive 5700 sq ft exterior conditioning area along with physiotherapy and a medical center.
  • The 2020 IPL will feature a full 51-day schedule on both Saturdays and Sundays, with two matches each. All teams will, therefore, have to practice and prepare for league matches for at least a month and all IPL franchises are expected to leave their base by 20 August. This will help them to prepare for four weeks.

UAE Quarantine Protocol

According to the latest health policy in Dubai, if people bear a negative COVID-19 test report there is no need to be in quarantine. They will have to undergo a check in case they don’t bring a COVID negative result instead.


  1. There will be no opening ceremony at the IPL this year.
  2. Boundary count rule: In case of a tie there will be a super over. Even after this, if there’s a tie then the team with the maximum number of boundaries will be awarded the win.
  3. No ball umpire: An umpire will be appointed to check every ball of the match for a no-ball. It’s not confirmed whether a new umpire or the 3rd umpire will be the no-ball umpire.
  4. Midseason transfer: Any two teams can swap players in mid-tournament (after 7 matches)with mutual understanding provided these players have played 2 or fewer matches.
  5. Schedule: This year’s IPL will be played for 60 days instead of 45 days. Lesser matches will be played in the afternoon instead more matches will be played after 7 pm to gather maximum viewership. This idea will extend the IPL for 2 weeks.

VIVO IPL 2020 Schedule

IPL  2020 Table
IPL  2020 Table
IPL  2020 Table
IPL  2020 Table

Author- Shivam Vohra

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