As the unlock phase 2 begins in India from 1st July 2020, some part of the population is happy about it as they can resume their economic activities and some part is all the more scared as the cases have been highest just before the announcement of the unlocking with Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, and Gujarat being the top four states with the maximum number of cases. But unlocking does not mean that it is complete freedom of movement, the night curfew though relaxed continues to be in force from 10pm to 5am.

The unlocking goes as follows

  •  The Schools and colleges are given the direction to be closed until the end of July.
  • The curbs in the containment zones still remain to be in force.
  •  The restriction in the inter-state and intra-state movement of goods is removed and no special permit is required like it used to be before the beginning of the unlocking.
  •  International travel by air to remain in operation but under restriction under the Vande Bharat repatriation mission.
  • Shops outside the containment, zones are allowed to reopen but the number of persons to visit at a time is restricted to five (strictly following social distancing norms).
  •  Metro rail services are curbed, cinema halls, gyms, theatres, bars, swimming pools, other social, political, cultural, religious gatherings are not allowed as they result in the congregation of a large number of people.


A special mention has been made of the persons above the age of 65 years, pregnant women and kids below the age of  10 years, as they are most vulnerable to get affected by COVID-19, they are advised to stay at home until and unless there is a medical issue or requirement of necessities.


According to the guidelines, essential activities are allowed to operate in the containment zones too.


The Unlocking phase by the center does not mean that the state cannot take any action. States can definitely not put restrictions on transfer/movement of goods, both inter-state and intra-state but can prohibit/curb certain activities outside the containment zones as per the situation like it has been before the unlocking phase. States like Assam is on a complete lockdown of 14 days from 28 June in Kamrup (Metropolitan) district as their remained only limited beds for patients and the number has been increasing day by day. States like Jharkhand and West Bengal has also proposed extending the lockdown respectively.



Whatever be the case, be it lockdown or unlocking, the safety of us and our families lies in our hands. In this time of global crisis and pandemic, we can only come out with a better picture only when we as individuals do our bit. Not roaming about unnecessarily, only going out for necessities, using- sanitizer, masks, and gloves whenever we go out and washing ourselves and the accessories when we reach home can do our parts. Lastly, I would like to say that a Locking or Unlocking ? will not be an important question if we act as better citizens of our country, as the issue is a major one not affecting only an individual but society as a whole.







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