In the wake of Killing Of 8 Cops In Kanpur, UP Police Probes Own Men

In the wake of Killing Of 8 Cops In Kanpur, UP Police Probes Own Men


Kanpur Encounter: Notorious criminal Vikas Dubey stays missing since Friday’s bloodbath in Bikru town, which is around 150 km from Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow. Eight police officers were slaughtered in the experience

After eight police officers were gunned down in Kanpur by Vikas Dubey and his posse on Friday, the Uttar Pradesh police are researching their nearby officials to discover who spilled data to the hoodlums about the arranged capture. The police today captured Dayashaker Agnihotri, a group individual from Vikas Dubey, who says he was educated about the strike by somebody from the police headquarters.

The station accountable for Chaubepur, Vinay Tiwari, has been suspended and the police are addressing him. The whole staff of the Chaubepur police headquarters is under the scanner. The exacting move will be made in the event that somebody is seen as liable of “spying for the mafia”, said Mohit Agarwal, the head of Kanpur police.

What do the dignitaries have to say in this matter?

According to Daya Shankar AgnihotriVikas Dubey got a call from police headquarters before the police came to capture him. Following this, he called around 25-30 individuals. He discharged projectiles on police staff. I was bolted inside the house at the hour of experience consequently observed nothing.

An administrator of Kanpur’s Shivli Power Sub-station, Chhatrapal Singh, says on July 3, he got a call from Chaubeypur Power Station “to cut force in Bikaru town as an electrical cable was harmed there“.

How did the criminal get under supervision?

The police officers confronted a hail of shots from AK-47 in Bikru town, 150 km from state capital Lucknow, after three groups from Kanpur’s Shivrajpur, Bilhaur and Chaubepur went on a joint activity to get Vikas Dubey on Friday. Vikas Dubey has demonstrated subtle since, in spite of a broad manhunt by 25 police groups.

Infamous UP criminal driving force Vikas Dubey, an infamous criminal driving force, was wanted in excess of 60 cases including endeavored murder, snatching, blackmail, and revolting. A criminal with political connections, he was likewise the individual from an ideological group before. 

Rahul Tiwari guaranteed that Vikas Dubey had endeavored to kill him. It has additionally been asserted that when Rahul Tiwari moved toward the Chaubepur station in-control Vinay Tiwari, he would not hold up a body of evidence against Vikas Dubey. Rahul Tiwari then moved toward Deputy Superintendent of Police Devendra Mishra, who got a First Information Report enrolled.

When Devendra Mishra went to assault Vikas Dubey’s home, Station In-Charge Vinay Tiwari fled not long before the experience started, activating doubt. Kanpur police officer Dinesh Kumar later said the police group was trapped and the terminating originated from three sides, demonstrating it was “completely arranged“. The group had been driven away from their vehicle and stroll in the pre-day break obscurity subsequent to finding an earthmover obstructing the street.

Devendra Mishra was among the eight police officers murdered by the posse. As per the police, he was hauled into the place of Vikas Dubey’s relative Prem Prakash Pandey and destroyed. His administration gun was recuperated from the house. Three sub-assessors and four constables were likewise gunned down. Two of the shooters were executed by the police.

Prem Prakash – likewise a feared criminal and a piece of Vikas Dubey’s posse – was executed in the experience.


On Friday, 5th July 2020, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath spoke with the family members of the police officers who were murdered and declared financial support of Rs one crore to the families who had suffered.

The chief minister vowed that those who committed the odious crimes would not be allowed out, and said that a member of each family who had suffered would have a government position, apart from an extraordinary pension.

Adityanath stressed that the government works with families to ensure that justice is done and those behind the crime punished in accordance with legislation. He also added that some of the weapons that misbelievers had fled with were recovered. None of the people responsible for this odd act would be released and the sacrifice of the police officers who had been killed would not be in vain. During their task, the brave jawans were killed because of the raid

Author- Arpit Sachan

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