Gauri Lankesh: A leftist or an anti-nationalist?

It’s been 3 years since Gauri Lankesh was shot dead outside her residence in Bangalore on 5 Sept 2017. What happened to her was wrong and condemnable. People’s hearts still wrench over her demise, but even after 3 years of her death, her so-called leftist views are not really acceptable. Have a look to know why!

Is being anti-Hindutva leftism?

She termed herself as a leftist but was she one? A leftist is a person who opposes the right-winged hierarchy of the social views, not the one who openly criticizes a religion and a religious deity! What’s a journalist without sensitivity? Without factual analysis? 

She wasn’t a woman fighting for human rights. She was a woman busy changing the Indian mentality of right-winged politics by dragging the leading political personalities of BJP and Congress into false allegations. According to her, she could go down to any level hurting the sentiments of followers of a religion. Her mocking Indian Deities was her ideology, and speaking against her was termed as a hate speech. She abused mother India and the ideology of countrymen but nobody was entitled to ask her anything?

Kanahiya Kumar was her dearest Son!

Gauri Lankesh: A leftist or an anti-nationalist?, Kanahiya Kumar

She called Kanahiya Kumar, an alleged terrorist’s supporter, her son. The initiator of the slogans “Azadi’ on the campus of JNU is also accused in an ongoing trial of the Delhi court.

On 10 March 2016, it was revealed that in October 2015, Kumar was fined by the JNU administration for “misbehaving” with a girl student and “threatening” her. Kumar had allegedly been urinating in the open in June 2015 and became abusive and threatened the female student who objected against his anti-nationalistic behavior. 

What is the proof?

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Well if we’re talking about the proofs than many of her own articles prove her anti-Hindu and anti-nationalistic views. an article written by Gauri Lankesh herself was posted after her death on 29 the sept. 2017 her words questioned the Indianness of that former Prime Minister Atal Vihari Vajpayee. And not just this she falsely accused her Friend of Prahlad Joshi of cheating a jeweler in her article after he joined bjp as their spokesperson. It’s not this article but Wikipedia that reveals the dark and unknown side of her personality.

 when She was summoned by the Hubli judicial magistrate first class court, she did not appear even after an arrest warrant being issued.

On 27 November 2016, the second JMFC court concluded that Gauri had failed to provide any substantial evidence for her criticism of the BJP leaders and found her guilty of defamation. 

Being a leftist or a rightist is completely an ideological choice but it cannot justify a person’s anti-nationalist mentality.

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