Fire breaks out at Agra chemical factories

Major fire breaks out at Agra, Sikandra chemical factories around 2 in the noon on monday. Reports say that the two factories situated near the vegetable market on the Agra-Delhi National Highway, Samip Top last and Agra Chemicals burst into flames on Monday afternoon. The supposed reason behind the fire breakout could be a short-circuit but it’s yet to be probed into.

As per the last update, the 8 firefighters engaged in extinguishing the fire are unable to control it till now. And amid the surge in the fire, the concerned area’s residents have been asked to evacuate from their houses. Though no casualties have been reported as yet, it is suspected that some workers and other laborers could have been trapped inside the buildings.  

The surge in the fire

The chemical drums in the factory could be heard bursting aloud from a distance. This can be one of the major reasons for the wide outspread of the flames. According to some residents, a surge in the fire spread was seen after several blasts were heard from within the factory, the fire gripped all the surrounding premises, even before the fire brigade could arrive. Reportedly, goods worth a hundred thousand are suspected to be destroyed in the fire.

A police team escorting City S.P. was also present at the spot. City S.P. Botre Rohan Pramod told that in view of the condition, the nearby houses are being evacuated. Assistance has been sought from Air Force and Refinery. Fire tenders (foam ones) have been called.

The heat of flames is being felt far away. The precautionary police have stopped the vehicles coming from Mathura on the highway. Simultaneously, every effort is being made to stop the fire but the toxic smoky waves are still soaring high!

The toxic cloud of smoke

A huge cloud of dense smoky waves was seen after a surge in the factory fire, these smokes are said to be highly toxic. Moreover, these chemically caused fires can be severely harmful to the human respiratory system. These irritants can permanently damage a person’s or an animal’s respiratory system and cause death.

The major component of toxicity in these fires is Carbon monoxide. Early signs of carbon monoxide poisoning include headache, dizziness, weakness, and confusion. High levels of carbon monoxide can cause loss of consciousness and death. Increased carbon monoxide levels can make it more difficult for people to escape a fire. The suspected workers who are trapped in the buildings are less likely to survive owing to the same reason.

Fire breaks out at Agra chemical factories, carbon monoxide poisoning signs,

For the nearby people, smoke inhalation can be venomous as several unknown chemicals have already contributed to the fire. It can also irritate the mucous membranes and lining of the respiratory tract and may cause difficulty breathing, swelling, or complete collapse of the airway. 

Necessary measures are being taken by the local administration to keep any further losses at bay, but the efforts can be ruined and causing things to worsen if the fire is not brought into control soon.

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