Dil Bechara triumphs over the top: highest rated Indian movie on IMDB

The late actor Sushant Singh Rajput was completely embraced by his fans as his last film Dil Bechara screened on Disney Plus Hotstar on 24 July. The IMDb rating climbed to 10.0 within minutes of its release. But Dil Bechara is now 9.6 on10 with over 64 thousand votes.

Within minutes of release, the movie topped the list of top-rated Indian movies by Internet Movie Database (IMDb),  leaving behind Kamal Haasan and R Madhavan ‘s 2003 Tamil  film Anbe Sivam.

Top rated Indian Movies

Some called the film an ’emotional’ experience, while others claimed on social media to weep through the film directed by Mukesh Chhabra , which is a remake of the Hollywood film, ‘A Fault In Our Stars.’

Tweets on Dil Bechara

“Just finished #DilBechara and its left me so numb. Hug your loved ones tell them you love them. Speak to them laugh with them cry with them. You just don’t know when you will get that time with them again. Make those moments count,” tweeted singer Armaan Malik, who earlier postponed his album launch as a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput.

The singer further added: “I’d recommend people to watch #DilBechara at their own speed and time. It’s not easy watching it at all. It chokes you up in so many sections.”

Sanika Telang tweeted: “We Smiled throughout the movie, wept at the end. Undoubtedly both because of Him. Forever in our hearts.”

Twitter user Mahat Swarup added: “I didn’t think I had the strength to watch the movie till the end. I hate watching a movie where there’s a sad ending, did it only for you. This movie broke every record, YouTube trailer, IMDB 9.9 everything – for you. But only one problem, you’re not here Sushant.”

Record-breaking performance

Dil Bechara, the last film by Sushant Singh Rajput, now available on Disney plus Hotstar. The movie headed up by Mukesh Chhabra had failed to get a release date for around two years. Then, when it actually saw the sun. Sadly, Sushant is no longer there to watch this film and enjoy all the love that fans from every part of the world are pouring in for him. Since morning the film that also stars Sanjana Sanghi has been trending on social media, with fans of SSR penning their emotional thoughts. Dil Bechara has supposedly already broken all records within a few hours of its release.

Fans are tweeting that the last film by Sushant created a record of earning 10 out of 10 on IMDB ranking. The IMDB server apparently crashed when many fans tried to give their vote simultaneously. According to a Twitter user, “IMDB ‘s Rating server crashed for (possibly) the very first time in India. Due to the overwhelming response to the film, the ranking of # DilBechara’s IMDB Site was also halted with 502 * votes for over 40 minutes


Earlier the trailer of Sushant Singh Rajput’s film ‘Dil Bechara’ rolled out on July 6 and gained 70 million views within a short period. Not only this, but it also broke Avengers’ record: Endgame and Infinity War by gaining four million ‘likes’ in just eight hours. Well now, it has broken all the records on YouTube to date and has become the first film trailer on the video-sharing platform to get more than 10 million likes.

Another record was broken by Dil Bechara minutes ago. Dil Bechara’s title track became the fastest song to reach 1M likes on YouTube. The brilliantly choreographed one-take music video of Dil Bechara crossed 1 million likes in just 1 Hour and 4 minutes

Dil Bechara: A reflection of Sushant’s own life

What’s weird was this was one of the few moments when the film wasn’t trying to induce that feeling in the viewers. It had just pulled off a superior version of that standard Hindi movie scene, the musical number introducing the hero: a young man dancing on stage, then climbing down and performing amidst the audience, tracked by the camera. This was achieved with deceptive ease, without a single cut, and it occurred, that this would be a sensational way to introduce an unknown actor to the public. With a feeling of a twinge, because, of course, this wasn’t hello, it was goodbye from the hero.

One such scene comes in the film’s second half, where Kizie and Manny reach Paris to meet Abhimanyu. Starstruck, they keep trying to initiate the conversation – asking him about his artistic motivations – but Abhimanyu continues deflecting their questions with needless jokes and an unpleasant demeanor. An angry Manny then insults the singer, who blurts, “Khud ko maarna saala illegal hai, toh jeena padta hai [It’s illegal to kill yourself, so you’ve to live].” At that very moment, the admirers of Shushant came across the bitter Irony of life

Rajput died by suicide less than six weeks ago and, in light of that information, a movie centered on death acquires a completely new meaning. There are several scenes in Dil Bechara where dissociating cinema from life feels nearly impossible. The lines get blurry, and there’s no telling where the reel ends and the real begins – or vice-versa.

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