COVID-19 or coronavirus is a type of deadly virus caused by the family of viruses named as Coronaviridae. It should not be confused with bacteria or bacterial infections. It is a newly born virus disease from the towns of Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. It has a single positive-stranded i.e. RNA genome. This kind of virus is found in bats and it has reportedly said that the virus has originated from Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, China. This virus transfers from one person to another with a capacity to infect around 400 people in one day by one person. 
It was speculated that the virus has also generated from snakes and other reptiles from the seafood market but as time has passed new theories and facts came into light. This catastrophic virus has transmitted from mammals named Pangolins and Bats. As a fact, this virus has channelized from one mammal to another mammal i.e. human beings. 

It is important to understand that the earth has more viruses than humans. These viruses have existed since the beginning of time and these have interacted with the human body historically as well. Some of the latest examples are:-

  1. the Spanish flu in the early the 1920s to 
  2. Swine flu 
  3. Ebola virus 
  4. Hendra virus

 Our human race has experienced it all. While this might be considered as a fact that these viruses have spread from other mammals or species via intermediately host to human bodies, wet markets play an important role in this procedure. These markets have live animals that are in close contact with humans. Because of the manhandling of these animals, they became stressed and stressed animals are more on the verge of carrying and producing diseases. 
The vaccines on the trail for coronavirus has entered phase 3 for most of the countries. For any vaccine to enter into the market,  it has to undergo various trails.

  •  The Indian Medical Research Council is looking at the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine by 15 August. This is envisaged that the public health vaccine will be launched by 15 August 2020 at the latest following the conclusion of all clinical trials.
  •   Despite the world ‘s expectations for vaccine development, the Oxford researcher claims that the COVID-19 pandemic, which has caused 5,00,000 + deaths to date would vanish on its own without the need for a vaccine.
  • BEIJING: A coronavirus vaccine has been endorsed by China’s government for use in its units, developed by its research unit and a biotech firm.
  • U.S. Based company Moderna, Pfizer, Inovio partnered with German-based biotech company BioNtech. UK’s company AstraZeneca and Chinese company Cansino, Sinovac all are ready to enter their next stage of trails. Indian companies such as Bharat Biotech International Ltd and Zydus Cadila have got necessary approvals from the government and will initiate their vaccine trails in July.


Initially named SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Cov in 2019, the short form Covid-19 has originated. The virus seemed to be affecting the respiratory syndrome of the person. Hence, 

  1. having difficulty in breathing
  2. feeling of fatigue
  3. mild fever
  4. headache
  5. cough and cold

are the most common symptoms of it. Recently it has noticed that people showing no common symptoms related to this virus are also affected by it. Some patients who has recovered from it have been tested positive again? 

The virus spreads from one infected person to another if that person coughs sneezes or exhale. The infected person is letting out droplets into the air which can affect a person coming in contact with it. It enters your body in three ways via

  1. Mouth
  2. Eyes
  3. Nose

If a person is touching its hands to the face, there are high chances for the virus to enter the human body. It’s important to have a strong immune system to be able to fight against the disease. Intake of high vitamin c is been recommended by WHO.

The recovery rate in India is on the increasing side which is more than 60%. The time is taken to get recovered for:-

  1. mild cases- 2weeks/ 14 day
  2. severe cases- 3-6weeks 

For patients who show moderate symptoms can recover without any special treatment. They are required to stay in quarantine for about 14 days. Patients with critical diseases and severe illness are treated in ICU with nosocomial infection control. Therapeutic strategies are also considered from these patients such as Plasma Therapy
While vaccinations currently being formulated and tested have been deemed “safe” and “successful,” the delivery and distribution of the vaccine to the public will take longer. Testing for possible side-effects, costing, and production, making an effective vaccine can sometimes take years. Perhaps this is the first time a vaccine has been developed at such a rapid pace.


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