Coronavirus treatment: The harsh reality!

The world has witnessed a devastating pandemic this year which is still on a hike, and the most affected ones are being treated in the worst way. because they are underprivileged! And in this world of wealth oriented people, everything has a price tag! 

Pandemic shines a spotlight on the inequality as care ranges from crowded public hospitals to spacious suites at private ones. A virus doesn’t differentiate between the rich and the poor, but health care certainly does.

Health care: expectations vs reality

Though the leaders in India have promised coronavirus testing and best care for all who need it, regardless of income, the reality is far away from their statements treatment options are as stratified and unequal as the country itself. Heath Care ranges from crowded wards at public hospitals which are extremely unhygienic to the spacious and luxury private wards in a private hospital which of course not everyone can afford.

Under India’s healthcare system, everyone should be able to receive either no cost or freely subsidized care at those public hospitals depending on their income. But the system has been slightly underfunded, government hospitals are either overburdened or they charge hefty price unethically from the uneducated rural population.

When the standard price set by the government is 2500, corrupt medical officials are charging more than 10000 per person, patients often face days-long waits for even basic tests and treatments. Hospitals are taking unethically more patients than it is originally supposed to, to cover the cost of medical service provided.

Your insurance may not cover a sufficient amount of your coronavirus hospital treatment

The cost of most consumables used to treat a disease or disorder in a hospital is usually protected by a mediclaim-type health insurance policy. This was not a major problem in a pre-coronavirus environment. But that is not the case at this time.

The quantity and cost of the essential items used in Covid-19  treatment have increased. This along with other factors has increased the total cost of treating COVID-19. “Normal treatment costs of Rs 50,000-1 lakh have now increased to Rs 1-2 lakh for COVID-19 treatment (due to higher consumables costs, patient distance in hospitals, etc.) and to Rs 6-7 lakh or higher where co-morbidities are involved or treated in expensive hospitals,” said Chandan D S Dang, Executive Director of, an insurance broker based in Delhi.

covid patient bill

Consumables in the parlance of health insurance apply to single-use products which are often used in medical treatments or services. These are considered non-medical goods and are thus not available under most compensation for health insurance.

It is not only the expense of PPE kits but it also includes the cost of other essential items in the medical bill.

The truth is being hidden!

Non-COVID diseases pose the question of untreated morbidity. Just when we lacked adequate preparation to treat cases of COVID, patients suffering from other conditions were left to their own devices.

In the first 40 days following the diagnosis of the first coronavirus case in India, 50,000 tuberculosis patients may have died, taking as a benchmark the 2017 global burden of disease data. However, in addition to other causes of mortalities such as ischaemic heart disease and strokes, there are more than seven million upper respiratory conditions and almost five million diarrheals every day. In many public and private hospitals, daily OPDs are still not operating.

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Data is unknown. There is no excessive-emphasis on the significance of full data for a scientifically accurate and evidence-basing approach. Yet our governments seem to struggle against “truth” accordingly, forgetting that “the lack of evidence is a rare proof of absence.” The network has struggled to establish a clear COVID record of death even in towns like Delhi and Chennai.

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