Conspiracies behind Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death

There are a lot of conspiracy theories surfacing on the internet since the demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Shushant’s fan are not ready to accept that an actor with so much caliber can give up on life so easily. Some netizens are even comparing it with the mysterious death of super iconic diva Divya Bharti and Praveen Bobby.

Netizens and fans are blaming director Mahesh Bhatt and Sushant’s Girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty for his death. But there are a handful of other angles that suggest a deep conspiracy behind the actor’s death. Recently a paranormal activist Steve huff talked to the spirit of Sushant which reveals some shocking truth about the night before his demise.

Paranormal activists claim to have a conversation with Sushant

Paranormal expert Steve Huff is all over the internet these days for his claims of having a conversation with actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s spirit. Two videos support his claims while speaking to the spirit he asks the spirit that if it is in light, there’s a voice heard saying- I am getting the light.

In the other upload, when Steve asked the spirit to speak something before they pack up the session. a voice is heard which said that he wants some love. When Steve asked the spirit about the night before he died and the spirit says – Big arguments with men”. When Steve asked about his death and if he remembers how did he die,  the voice said, “They brought nails.”

Things are getting more entangled day by day. Paranormal activity is a science and it cannot be denied, but there are many other aspects that netizens are talking about, and those are completely ignored by the investigating team of police as they say ‘there’s no foul play behind his death’.

Anti depression pills in Shushant’s bedroom and Rhea’s suspected affair

Sushant Singh Rajput's Death

Reports say that Rhea was in constant touch with Director Mahesh Bhatt. They used to meet quite often. And some even say that Mahesh Bhatt was the sole reason behind all the fights the couple have had. The pictures going viral on social media with Mahesh’s head on Rhea’s shoulders shows a lot more than just friendliness between the two. Pictures remind fans of ‘Anoop Jalota’ and her rumored girlfriend ‘Jasleen’. Sushant’s fan alleged these two as the murderers of the actor.

Police found anti-depression drugs in Sushant’s room, which suggests that he was suffering from severe depression for the past few months. But there are always two sides of a coin! This picture says a lot more, only a few people know that Sushant’s physiatrist was a suggestion by Mahesh Bhatt and if these anti-depression drugs are given to someone who is absolutely normal and mentally sound, these can have severe adverse effects on the person taking it. It may lead to paranoia and bipolar diseases. And apparently, both the syndromes are mentioned in Sushant’s medical report.

anti-depression drugs

In the statement given to police, both Rhea and Sushant’s sister have revealed that Sushant avoided taking pills. Is that because he wanted to stay depressed? Analysis of netizens says that Shushant avoided taking his pills because he was aware of the fact that he was being drugged illegitimately.

Rhea was ‘ordered’ to leave Sushant?

Many news sites have revealed that Rhea broke her silence on Sushant’s death after she started receiving messages that threatened her. She was alleged of being a murderer. Gold digger, netizens used many harsh words for her but she kept quiet! Why? Was Rhea a planted weapon to murder Sushant? Why was she “ordered” to leave Sushant? Looks like the entire scenario was very cleverly staged as suicide But the truth can’t stay unrevealed for long. It has to come out one day, and it will come out one day with all the shreds of evidence whooping to bring justice to Sushant’s soul.

Mahesh Bhatt is the suspected mastermind of the game plan

Mukesh Bhatt recently revealed that he and Mahesh knew Sushant was going to do such a thing. He addressed Sushant as a disturbed soul. Sushant had no emotional contact with anything. He said he was suspicious of Sushant when he came to talk about sadak2. Mahesh and he sat together and talked about Sushant. According to him when he saw Sushant, he was very worried. He said that Sushant’s condition would be like that of Parveen Bobby.

Also, Surita Sengupta, who is the co-writer of jalebi, who’s very close to Mahesh Bhatt revealed that Mahesh was pressuring Rhea to put an end to her relationship with Sushant.

 Praveen was Mahesh’s extramarital girlfriend who was declared paranoid after some time. Controversies of the ’80s and 90’s era reveal that Mahesh was behind Praveen’s such condition.

Sadak 2 was talk of the town in early 2019. And there were reports that suggested Shushant in the lead role with Alia Bhatt. But nobody really knows what happened and why did the film slip out of Sushant’s hand.

Another evidence which reveals that Mahesh Bhatt would have got Sushant murdered was his tweet after Sushant’s death, as soon as the news of his Suicide was out, he twitted about Mental Health. And it looked like the message was prepared in advance.

Another question raised by netizens points towards something Suspicious

After the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, he was taken to Cooper Hospital. On social media, fans are asking that Parveen Bobby and Divya Bharti also died mysteriously and they were taken to the Cooper Hospital too. What is the truth of Cooper hospital? Strangely, all these mysteries had the same destination? Why?

To all the WHYs and HOW’s there just one certified solution: A CBI inquiry, before it’s too late.

Author- Shambhavi Soni

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