BTS earns No. 1 on the #WorldDigitalSongSales chart this week, with “Your Eyes Tell.”

With the release of their Japanese album ‘Map Of The Soul: 7 – The Journey’ on the 15th of July, the K-pop phenomena BTS has debuted on the Billboard 200 list. The album consists of the Japanese version of many Korean songs by the group along with thirteen songs which include the title song ‘Stay Gold’ and ‘Your Eyes Tell’, both of them being produced by Jungkook, a member of the group.

The album debuted on the one hundred and fifteenth position on the Billboard 200 list, which ranks the most popular albums irrespective of their genre in the US. BTS is on this list this week with three albums, ‘Map Of The Soul’, rising to the fifty-one position, and ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ on the one hundred and forty-sixth position.

One of the songs on the album, ‘Your Eyes Tell’ was at the top of this week’s World Digital Songs Sale list, earning the first position for a record-breaking twenty-first time. The group has fifteen songs on this week’s list. BTS is the group with the most songs on this list. With BTS’s newest album being 12th on the Billboard 200 list, the Korean group is growing its achievements as the most popular Korean artists of all time.

The sales of Map of the Soul

Map of the Soul: Journey, the Korean pop septet is now reporting the bestselling 2020 album in the United States, Korea, Japan, and around the world.

Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey quickly became Japan’s best-selling album of the year in its first week, breaking many daily records along the way. The album notched more than four hundred thousand record first-day sales and passed five hundred thousand on the second day of the album release. The group sold around five hundred thousand copies in its first week of the album release, completely overtaking the Oricon Albums Chart for five straight days.

Although Map of the Soul: 7-The Path rules the yearly chart of Oricon, Map of the Soul: 7 also governs most of the rest of the world. Up till July, the album has sold more than five hundred thousand copies in the digital and physical sales combined in the United States which is around one hundred and fifty thousand more than The Weeknd’s album which bagged the second spot. When you just measure physical album sales, the difference gets even bigger, with BTS selling almost double the copies than the runner up.

These are impressive figures, especially in an age where many pop stars rely heavily on streaming figures to launch their albums to No. 1 in the United States. Yet the stateside figures for Map of the Soul: 7 pale compared to the native South Korea of BTS, where the album has sold at least 4 million copies, based on an April Gaon Music certification. Chart of the Soul: 7 is South Korean history’s first album to sell 4 million certified copies, making it the bestselling album of all time, not just 2020.

Taking into consideration of all the worldwide sales, this album by BTS is the best selling one of 2020 worldwide It reached the threshold immediately upon release in February, selling a record 4.02 million preorders worldwide. Since some of the certifications on the album are several months old, their actual sales are probably much higher than recorded. It does not appear, therefore, that BTS will quickly lose its grip on the global music industry.

Billboard charts BTS


Also known as the Bangtan Boys, it is a seven-member South Korean boy band that began forming in 2010 and debuted in 2013. Initially, a hip hop group, their style of music has grown to include a wide variety of genres. Their lyrics, often based on personal and social commentaries, concentrate on mental health issues, school-age youth illnesses, grief, the path to love oneself, and individualism. Their work contains references to literature and psychological concepts and an alternate plot for the universe. The group has done many tours around the world.

Along with the group’s multiple achievements in the music industry, as of 2019, BTS is currently worth more than $4.65 billion annually to the economy of South Korea or 0.3 percent of the country’s GDP. BTS attracted one out of every 13 international tourists visiting South Korea and was cited as one of the key acts boosting global sales of music to $19 billion in 2018.

After the launch of its anti-violence initiative ‘Love Myself’ in cooperation with UNICEF, BTS addressed the 73rd General Assembly of the United Nations and became the President of South Korea ‘s youngest ever recipient of the Order of Cultural Merit because of his contributions to the dissemination of Korean culture and language.

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