3 days lockdown in Uttar Pradesh(UP)

The 3 days lockdown in Uttar Pradesh(UP)

Cases of coronavirus in India tend to gain its pace, with 794,842confirm cases and 21,623 death tolls, India became third-worst affected country after the United States of America and Brazil, overtaking Russia. Looking at the current scenario of India, the state governments have decided to impose a 3-day lockdown in the areas that contain a higher number of cases. Earlier India underwent a complete lockdown for almost 107 days, the country seemed to have good control over the spread of the virus in the beginning. However, the current scenario is far from being good.


Uttar Pradesh under the administration of chief minister Adityanath Yogi and the officials has decided to declare complete lockdown to keep a tight rein on the rising cases in the state. The lockdown will be operational From 10th of July (10pm) to the 13th of July (5am). The government introduced some guidelines on how the lockdown will work for the next three days. Here is a complete list to know what is open and what is closed:

  • In the span of three days, the government offices, foodstuff markets, private and public enterprises will remain shut.
  •  The government officials will secure the supply of essential commodities through the door to door service. 
  • Railways and airlines will continue to operate but the roadways will remain shut. However, buses will be made accessible to travelers. 
  • Petrol pumps and hospitals will remain open and will function normally. 
  • According to the sources, the good carriers and the construction sites will continue to function. 
  • Schools and colleges will remain shut. 
  • Avoid public gathering, no social events will be allowed for the time being.
  • The police will look after the enforcement of strict lockdown for the next three days.

Know the reason that made the government impose the lockdown:

The state witnessed a huge hike in the cases of coronavirus within 24 hours. Around 1,248 new cases of COVID-19 with 10,373 active cases were registered. Enforcement of strict lockdown can help the officials to repress the cases in the containment zones. The state appears not to be able to decrease the number of cases due to sheer negligence from the citizens. The government imposed several fines for disobeying the guidelines. Wearing a face mask is a must in public. The government of UP has directed the officials to draft a plan for setting up COVID-19 testing labs in almost all the districts of the state.

The truth of quarantine centers in Uttar Pradesh :

The quarantine centers of Uttar Pradesh are compared to a “torture camps” by the ‘Samajwadi Party’.Akhilesh Yadav, the president of the Samajwadi party slams the Bjp government for the pathetic conditions of quarantine centers. Few videos of the center got viral on social platforms, where overcrowded quarantine centers with poor food quality and bad toilet conditions where shown. Seeing all this the SC demanded the answer from the administration on institutional quarantine guidelines. According to reports, the government of Uttar Pradesh has been hiding the statistics of confirmed cases and death rates, which have also led to panic for the netizens of Uttar Pradesh.

Do lockdown means ‘family time’ for all?

Many celebs, politicians termed lockdown to family time. Here is a bitter fact, it might be family time for few but not for the majority. It seems like the rural areas are completely neglected by the rest of India, though 68.84 percent of India comprises rural areas. The issues faced by the people of rural areas different than that of an urban area. Where the riches were busy posting stories on Instagram on how bored they were at homes, the poor struggled to reach their home. The misery and deaths of migrants will remain a shame for India in the histories.