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How consumers find products when they have buying needs hasn’t really changed much according to a recent study. Consumers still spend a huge chunk of their time studying what others have to say about what they are using to make their own decisions. In addition to this, consumers also use the information supplied to them about various companies or trends by magazines and newspapers.

Today, consumers buy a lot of their products or services through the Internet. Here, their buying decisions, and cautiousness are all informed by consumer contributed reviews on e-commerce websites. Essay writing companies however fail to give consumers the opportunity to check out reviews before buying mainly leading their customers into making decisions that don’t benefit them.

Student consumers

Students spend money on essay writing companies to enable them either pass their exams, or free up their tight schedules. They need to be able to check out various service providers before they can make decisions about buying from them. Students also need platforms that will protect them from essay scams which have been all the rage in the essay e-commerce sector. is one of the leading essay writing company review websites helping students find essay writing companies they can trust.

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Why we review essay companies

When students buy essays online, their only hope is that the professionals they’re hiring take them seriously. They don’t want to buy plagiarized essays or essays from companies with poor quality writers. We review essay writing companies because we have been seeing them crop out of nowhere every so often. Without oversight as is the case currently, most consumers are suffering at the hands of many rogue service providers. By reviewing essay companies, we are also eliminating the extra research time needed to find an excellent essay writing company.

How our website works

Over the years, we have consistently build a relationship with people with connects in the essay writing companies. We also have a vast network of consumers who have spent money on essay writing companies. We ask these users to share feedback about companies they have used to the benefit of fellow consumers.

To add on it, we also go out of our way to study services offered by essay writing companies. Some of the things our investigations unravel include a company’s customer support channels, the type of services they offer, the caliber of writers they hire and their education levels, among other things.